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Journey of A V Cam

The journey of A V Cam Corporation Ltd started years ago when Mr Vishnu Patel decided to put his management skills to practice. Over the years, A V Cam has had a wonderful journey with highs and lows, ups and downs, and has now become a success story to inspire generations to come. We would like to take you down a quick walk through our memory.



Almost after a decade of R&D, A V Cam Corporation Ltd was brought to light from A V Cam Corporation. Now the company provided elevator and elevator spare solutions into the markets. With a man-power of more than 150 employees at each level of management and operations, A V Cam Corporation Ltd decided to manufacture more than 85% of its product range in India. The company has seen a tremendous growth in the years that came ahead and is today a synonym of trust, quality and safety. The company is socially responsible and aspires to take care of each one working in A V Cam. Initially, there were two units where operations and management would take place, but, owing to the success that was followed, the company decided to bring both the units under one domain. Hence, today, A V Cam Corporation Ltd has a large working unit that strives to bring innovation, technology and safety to all its clients.


As the venture picked up pace, extensions to firms started taking place. Thus, started A V Cam Corporation which was an extension to Patel engineering. The company was involved in manufacturing guiderails and elevator geared machinery. Started in 2002, the company had more than 30 employees who worked under a 50X250ft shed with high-tech machinery such as planning machines, drill machines, and punching machines. This shed was located in Ahmedabad’s Odhav industrial area. As the corporation picked up pace fuelled to fire the A V Cam express, space become an issue. Hence, in order to magnify the ideas and visions of the company, A V Cam moved to Kathwada Industrial area where it had two separate units with a workforce of 70 people. Gradually, the company spent humongous amounts on acquiring High-tech machinery and automated machines. To farther the prospects into the elevator industry of India, the company started a fresh Research and development department where the best minds were put to work. Innovations and new-age technology came to light and thus, the dependency on vendors decreased.


It was long before yet another feather was added to the hat of this successful business and thus, Ashish Manufacturing Co. was established. The company was involved in manufacturing Bore-wells, Tube-wells, Mud-pumps and Centrifugal pumps, and a variety of similar products. Ashish manufacturing co had a workforce of 30 employees out of which 4 were in the management team and the rest were into operations.


Then came Patel engineering in 1996. At the time, the company was stronger and stable with a work force of 20 employees. From a store to a decently large office, there was no turning back for Patel engineering. The company was involved in manufacturing elevator guiderails and had planning machines, drill machines and punching machines at their disposal.


Following the success of Ashish Steel works, Ashish fabricators came into force. It was established in 1993 and was involved in manufacturing MS cupboards, the company moved from one shop to two stores. Ashish fabricators had 3 workers and 3 managers at the time.


The very first venture of Mr Patel was Ashish Steel works. Started in 1990, Ashish steel was involved in manufacturing MS cupboards of high quality at affordable prices. From a 15X20 shop and only two person in the management team & operation team, Ashish Steel works picked up paces.