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Essential Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Home Elevator

Home elevators have been trending in this phase of the 21st century. Originally, people were forced to use the stairs in multi-storeyed buildings.  Then with the help of technological advancements, elevators were built for corporate and residential use. And presently, we find that elevators have made their way into the homes of people. Yes! Adding to that, originally when the concept came into the light it was considered to be a luxury but at present times, it is considered as a necessity.

Those who live in bungalows that have more than 1 story usually go for high-quality elevators as it reduces accidents and damage that can be caused when using stairs. While going for home elevators, it is always advisable to go with branded elevators that are trustworthy since they provide the best results. Apart from that, it is also essential to know more details like the installation process, maintenance, applications, etc, before investing in an elevator.

While it is important to make a list of the expectations before finalizing a home elevator, it is also very essential to ensure that the lift has the right safety measures. And adding to the list there is more that needs to be considered when it comes to buying a home elevator.


The first important element is considered the ‘budget’. Splurging on a lift that does not solve the purpose is an unnecessary expense that can be avoided. Hence, the first thing to do is to create a budget to avoid going overboard.


Not everyone opts for a lift to shift heavy things around the house. Home lifts are also used if someone is not mobile enough and needs to move from one floor to another. Thus the purpose of a lift differs from user-to-user. Once the purpose is finalized, then all that’s left is to put the finger on the chosen one.

Elevator Size:

Larger lifts may look good and spacious but not every household requires a big lift. When small lifts can fulfill the requirements as well, it is considered a waste of space to opt for a bigger one. Usually, the size of the cabin ranges from 3 by 4 or 3 by 5. Apart from that, even the size of the home needs to be taken into consideration as a smaller elevator would look quaint and classy in a smaller home compared to a mansion.


This too is an important aspect to bear in mind. The Capacity of lift that shall be required to make is essential to bear in mind as every lift is structured differently. Every elevator machine is specifically made by keeping in mind its usage and capacity. Therefore, one need not have to pay for a lift with heavy machinery if the user will be a bare minimum. Keeping in mind how much is the lift going to be used; one can accordingly go for a customized lift.

Try it, Buy it

Before one buys a car, they usually take it for a test drive in order to get the feel of the car as well as get comfortable with its features and applications. In the same manner, it is always advisable to know how the elevator will work, what the machine looks like, and whether the size will be according to your necessity. Hence, it is always preferable to know what the elevator looks like and works like, before finalizing one.

Low Maintenance:

Whenever one is buying something for personal use, it is always advisable to go for something that is not high maintenance. In our day-to-day lives, when work is all that goes on in the mind, it is better to select something that does not require your attention after a short span. Therefore, it is always convenient to select an elevator for your home that does not require high maintenance.


In this day and age, everyone must do their little and contribute to the environment. One may ask how buying an elevator can save the environment. This is when the green elevators come into the picture. Efforts are being made in making the elevators eco-friendly in order to not exploit Mother Nature.


And last, but not least, the design of an elevator to plays an important role as it helps set the tone of the house. Customized designs uplift the entire get-up of the house. In fact, a good design is important so that every time one takes a look at the lift, it looks like a part of the house and not as a separate entity.

These are a few pointers one needs to bear in mind while going for a home lift. And what’s even better is that A V Cam takes care of all these pointers and provides you with the perfect home lift that fits your budget, is according to your liking, and is low maintenance. A V Cam never fails to disappoint its clients as they understand the gamut of emotions that people go through before buying a lift.