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AV Cam Corporation Limited is a company that deals in complete elevator solutions across India. It has grown into an industry leader in a span of 3 decades and set a benchmark of safety, quality and elegance. Set in the heritage city of Ahmedabad, AV Cam has captured a market of rare and premium quality products. Under the leadership of Mr Vishnu Patel & Mr Ashish Patel, AV Cam strives to bring a revolution in the elevator industry of India through innovation, new-age technology and modernisation. With AV Cam, one can find pre-to-post sales solutions and integration facilities.

With the world advancing at a lighting speed, infrastructure has also advanced many folds. Talking particularly of India, earlier, buildings were low-rise and elevators were rarely used. Today, infrastructure is a means to impress and is highly technological. With an increase in the number of floors, elevator usage has also mushroomed.


AV Cam Corporation Ltd





Working with A V Cam was one of the best experiences for our team. The dedicate and care shown towards our project was unmatchable. They have a team of highly experienced and humble professionals who are readily available for any assistance. We highly recommend A V Cam Corporation Ltd for any elevator needs.

The product range of A V Cam is one of it's kind. They not only use genuine spare parts but manufacture most of their products in India. An Indian brand with such a higher quality is truly amazing. Kudos team A V Cam.

I was impressed by A V Cam for their post-sales service. The team helped us and guided us on safety, maintenance and sustainability of our project. Mr. Ashish is one of the most humble and kind person we've ever met. Thank you team A V Cam for your services.

A V Cam Corporation truly take their work seriously! Usually companies take their own sweet time to respond to emails. But, with team A V Cam, we got a response in a stipulated time with the best possible quotations. They helped us in every way they could. Congratulations on such an amazing work.


Elevators for Safety Features

In this fast paced world, we have seen technology advance at an accelerating speed. But what people miss out on is taking measures that serve as precautions.Technology has helped gain power but with great power we are also entrusted with responsibility. And in order to show that we are responsible, we must ensure safety for all times to come.Safety must always be our priority.

Characteristics and Measurements of hospital lifts

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a Hospital is a place where people who are ill or injured are treated and taken care of by doctors and nurses. The word hospital comes from the Latin word “hospes”which means a guest or stranger. While the word patient comes from “patior” which means to suffer. Thus, a hospital is a place where strangers who.

Did you know there was a thing like “Elevator Etiquettes”?

Amazed right? Until now, we have heard about table etiquettes, eating etiquettes, even dressing etiquettes, but not elevator etiquettes. Elevator etiquettes are a unique gesture in themselves and must be followed. There are interesting etiquettes which are easy to follow. Etiquettes in general are followed to avoid mess.

Luxury Elevators! A Definition of Class!

Elevators initially started as luxury items that only an elite class could afford or commercial spaces owned by elite people. As years passed, people realized the importance of having luxury items. No longer did were elevators viewed as a luxury item, but were rather thought of as a necessity. In today’s times, rarely one would find a building sans an elevator. People often buy a house.

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