A V Cam Corporation Ltd brings character and value to commercial as well as residential buildings. Elevator and Elevator Spare solutions by A V Cam are technically Sound, Hi-tech, and safe in nature. Its products are often recognized as benchmarks for safety and quality.

Hospital Elevators

Because it is in times like these where efficiency matters most!

When designing elevator solutions for healthcare setups, durability and sustainability is paramount. A V Cam Corporation Ltd’s products are designed to make functioning swift so that patients feel comfortable and safe. Our elevator solutions are cost-effective and efficient in nature; making is preferable for most in the country.

Our elevators are large enough for patients and equipment, and easy to clean with minimum maintenance. Special control options for emergency services and cleaning staff are available as well along with customization as per requirement.

Hospital lifts by A V Cam are accurately detailed. They are designed in a way that speaks of safety and smooth functioning. The Automatic Door Sensors used by A V Cam are of the highest quality, making the door function absolutely frantically each time used.

Hotel Elevators

Where elegance meets new age technology!

A V Cam’s hotel elevators are compact and comprehensive in nature. These elevators allow guests to enjoy the suave interiors of a hotel. These elevators are easy to use and operators can provide a seemly experience to the guests.

Our elevators make peak traffic hours easy to handle by maximizing transport capacity, so that the guests do not have to wait while checking in or out. These elevators are durable in nature and can be customized according to hotel interiors or client requirements. Our elevators are smart and made from advanced technology so as to check all the boxes of safety.

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Institutional Setups

Creating a healthy surrounding for the future generations!

A V Cam Corporation Ltd understands how demanding public structures can be, especially in a country like India. Thus, our elevator solutions provide mobility without interruption or restricted access round the clock. A V Cam Corporation’s elevators are made keeping in mind minute details required to create a space and secure surrounding for children, and adults. Thus, each elevator is installed with expertise supervision and after proper testing only.

Public institutions must be easily accessible and free from any mode of complication or danger.  A V Cam makes sure this is taken care of by providing 360 degree assistance from designing to testing or installation & assembling of an elevator.

We have significant experience in the past when it comes to manufacturing elevators and elevators spares. Thus, we assure safe and sound elevator systems to all its end users.

Malls & Entertainment Zones

Shop with ease and comfort!

Indians are fond of weekends for it is the time to spend time with their family members and enjoy to the brim. A V Cam understands this feeling and thus, has tailor-made elevator solutions for Malls and Entertainment Zones. Malls see a heavy traffic in weekdays which calls for elevators that are durable and safe in nature. Thus, we install elevators only after thorough and rigorous testing.

Our elevators are energy efficient, easy to operate and full of safety features. In case of any emergency, these smart elevators find the nearest floor and safely land all the passengers. Highly effective safety layout, weight holding capacity and low maintenance elevators are a preferred choice of any mall owner. A V Cam offers just that and alters the elevators in terms of doors, cabins, weight, passenger room, and various other factors.

Commercial Spaces

No excuse to be late to the office!

A common excuse to be late at work is waiting for an elevator. A V Cam removes this barrier with utmost debonair by introducing machine room as well as machine room less elevators for commercial lift and buildings. Decades of proven excellence and safety, we plan, design and deliver that which is indeed the best.

A V Cam Corporation’s elevators optimize efficiency during peak traffic and reduce energy consumption. We use advanced technology that delivers performance with efficiency, flexibility and customization options.  Our products and services can be perfectly adapted to any building; from the prestigious and elegant, to the understated.

Residential Elevators

Feel at home as you enter!

After a long day at work, one rushes to his/her abode for a peaceful time. Taking care of this fact, A V Cam has elevators that are swift, soundless, and those which add comfort to your movement. Whether you stay on the fourth floor or the fortieth, step into the elevator and reach your destination in peace.

Whether it is the lighting or the fixtures or the texture of the cabin, you can customize your elevator according to your building or its interiors. Our elevators provide comfort and smooth functioning on a daily basis. A V Cam aspires to deliver the right solutions at the right time. Our prime goal is to ensure safety. Thus, all elevators we manufacture come with safety features applicable in adverse situations.

Car-elevator-A V Cam Corporation Limited

Car Elevators

Modern day parking systems!

Gone are the days when parking a car was a hassle. With modern day technology and smart elevation systems, Car Elevators have a revolution in the parking systems across the world. Inspired from these shifts in parking systems, A V Cam Corporation Ltd presents Car Elevators. These elevators are space efficient, cost-efficient, and easy to install.

These lifts can be installed in a commercial setting or a residential setting, both. A V Cam’s Car Elevators are durable, reliable, and energy-efficient. These elevators require lesser maintenance and thus, are easy to maintain and use.

Goods Elevators

They to deserve care too!

In shopping complexes, hotels, entertainment zones, or factories there are regular elevators and then there are goods elevators. These good elevators are installed with a sole purpose of transferring goods from one level to another. A V Cam manufactures goods elevators that are heavy duty and can sustain the weight of goods. These elevators are customisable and can be made for any requirement.

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