Training and Development are two of the most important aspects of working of A V Cam Corporation Ltd. Each individual that joins us, goes through rigorous training to understand the working and operations of the company as well as its products and services. This enables an employee to connect with the company and hand out solutions best suited for any inquiry raised.

An individual is exposed to Lecture sessions given by veterans of the industry as well as the company. These lecture sessions are meant for theoretical as well as practical knowledge for those who join in. Apart from these, corporation communication and technical training is also given to the respective new members of the company.

To make the sessions interactive and interesting, Multi-media presentation, Premises tour as well as Production tours are conducted. A V Cam believes that each individual is a leader of tomorrow. Thus, separate and specialized leadership training is given to each personnel for preparing them to grow into industry leaders of tomorrow. As an individual completes these training sessions, we believe that they are thorough with the working, operations and products of the company.

Training -A V Cam Corporation Limited
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