Mr Vishnu Patel (Founder, A V Cam Corporation Ltd)

Mr Vishnu Patel

We have come a long way from where we started in 1990. It has been a journey of relentless hard-work, and passion for bringing in innovation and adding value to the business. I started my career from the basics of business curves and ceased every opportunity that came my...

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Mr Ashish Patel -Managing Director, A V Cam Corporation Ltd)

Mr Ashish Patel

From the beginning of the 21st Century, there has been a sea-change in the way of how people commute. With a change in years, a gradual shift in the technology has also been witnessed worldwide. Especially in the elevator industry, new-age technology has replaced the traditional techniques and innovation...

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Mr Vivek Mehta - (Director Marketing, A V Cam Corporation Ltd)

Mr Vivek Mehta

The elevator Industry in India has seen a magnanimous shift over the past decade. From rope elevators to machine room less elevators, elevators have been manufactured with innovation beyond imagination. Thus, we at A V Cam Corporation Ltd, decided to go beyond imagination and bring a change in the...

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Mr Binoj Nair -(Director Marketing, A V Cam Corporation Ltd)

Mr Binoj Nair

With a decent growth in the elevator usage worldwide, India too has drastically revamped its infrastructure. From low-rise buildings to sky-scrappers, the country is gradually moving towards modernisation. A V Cam Corporation Ltd has been nothing short of an exemplary example for designing and assembling elevators of all designs,...

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HASMUKHBHAI PATEL-(Head Accountant, A V Cam Corporation Ltd)

Mr. Hasmukh Patel

The man with magic of numbers, Mr Hasmukh Patel is the Head Accountant for A V Cam Corporation Ltd. He has been in the industry for years together and knows accountancy well enough. According to Mr Patel, “A V Cam is the face of innovation and technology for the...

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