Installing an Elevator is no child’s play and requires utmost accuracy, detail and attention. With such competition in today’s time, elevator companies often miss out on the most important part of installation; safety.

An elevator may take two-to-six weeks, depending on the type of elevator, to be installed. While, this may seem enough time to install an elevator, there are numerous aspects, a team needs to keep in mind.

From setting up columns in a place to adding the carriage to assembling to the final testing of elevator, minute and intricate details require ample time for assembling, installation, testing and modifying of the elevator.

Thus, as simple and technical as this process seems, it is equally important and comprehensive. Giant companies or dealers many a times, do not take adequate safety measures. But, here we are, at your disposal, suggesting you a couple of guidelines to keep in mind during an elevator installation process.

Whether you are working in the process or are a passer-by on the actual site of installation, do not ignore any safety signs. Safety signs save you from getting severely injured. Also, if you are working in the installation process, make sure to use your safety gear and start only after thorough induction.

One mustn’t meddle with loose wires or partly installed doors or windows. Do not get too close to an open shaft, for you might lose your balance and severely injure yourself by falling in the hollow.

If one finds an irregularity in an instrument or setting, one must immediately report to the authorities. Keep in mind to not step into unknown waters and take charge without help.

For workers working on site, instead of carrying heavy weight items or tools yourself, use a fork-lift or trolley instead. Carrying heavy items can cause serious back injuries.

While at a height, one must keep safe distance from the edge. Getting too close can be dangerous for one doesn’t know of the liquid substances or other items on the floor.

Technical know-how is the most important aspect here. Partial knowledge is no knowledge at all. Thus, if you find yourself lost or confused at some step, do not hesitate to take help from your fellow worker.

If you see elevator installation going on around you or if you are involved in the process, make sure to keep the surroundings, neat and tidy.

If an elevator is under testing, do not get too close to the process, for it can prove to be dangerous for you. Remember, your loved ones await your presence!

While working in the elevator installation process, make sure to use gloves. There is electricity, nails, hammers and other sharp objects involved in this process. Thus, save yourself from injury and use the right quality gloves where necessary.

When the day is over and your process is to be continued the next day, make sure to use safety lights or barricades or bulbs at least 5 meter away from the installation place. This helps people watch their step and keep from getting injured.

Thus, with so many given and many more safety measures, make sure you take utmost care while erecting an elevator. Being responsible is a sign of sensibility and to be sensible is good.

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Safety Measures While Elevator Installation