Machine Roomless Elevator For Residential Building

Machine Room Less Elevators

Machine Room Less Elevator use a gearless friction machine situated in the hoistway. The utilization of a counterweight helps the machine in the elevator sheave, which moves the cab through the hoistway. Most commonly seen in hotels, mixed use buildings and business workplaces.

Salient Features:

• This design supports every requirement and construction, makes the
erection process of an elevator easier and has an extremely effective
• The elevators deigned by A V Cam Corporation Ltd for residential use
like a Villa, are multi-dimensional in nature and are suitable for all kids of
home (villa) spaces,
• Vivid Indoor as as outdoor designs that best suit and complement
the respective building interior are available with us.
• Advanced technology, energy saving & supremely sate.
• Our solutions are reliable and stable and those which suit every  requirement.
• A V Cam Corporation gives you an option to customise an elevator
design an elevator as per your requirement.
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