Machine Room Elevator For Freight Or Goods

Freight Elevators

Freight Elevator are the giant in elevators world, responsible for transporting goods and materials in warehouses, and shopping centers, airports, train stations, and seaports. We are also manufacturing freight elevator for the same purposes. This elevators type is divided into classes, which defines their application and load capability.

Salient Features:

• This product is designed With strong, durable & reliable space for carrying freight or goods and is a car elevator.
• A V Cam Corporation Ltd understands the needs at an elevator used for
moving freight, logistics or goods from here to there and thus, has a user-
friendly design and working.
• Advanced technology. energy saving & supremely safe.
• Durable and spacious, the product has an excellent performance,
• Large heavy duty goods, huge sized goods & car or heavy material
carriage were all kept in mind while designing this product.
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