In this fast paced world, we have seen technology advance at an accelerating speed. But what people miss out on is taking measures that serve as precautions. Technology has helped gain power, but with great power we are also entrusted with responsibility. And in order to show that we are responsible, we must ensure safety for all times to come. Safety must always be our priority. And at A V CAM, safety is our prerogativewhen we cater to our clients.

Known to be the manufacturer of best elevators and elevator spares, we are very serious about the security of our clients and customers. We adhere to strict codes and standards of safety. Our book on safety is like our Bible and we, its devoted followers. The safety codes include a variety of features that considerably reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident. A V CAM provides many safety features such as the follows.

1.Elevator Door Sensors:

A V CAM provides door sensors for passengers for their safety. The door sensors are used in order to sense whether someone is there in-between the doors or not. It can be hazardous to get stuck between doors. Lots of people try to enter the lift at the last moment, and to save them, high quality door sensors are provided by A V CAM. They sense if there’s any human presence and automatically remain open

2.Elevator Integrated Drive:

The Integrated Drive basically help control the speed at which elevators go. They prevent the lift from jerking or suddenly stopping. A V CAM provide the safest drive In which ensure that the speed of the lift is perfect and the passengers inside are safe as well.

3.Emergency Alarm Switch for Elevators:

This switch is installed for the passengers in the lift. If you find the lift is stopped and intercom system is not working or has halt then at that time you can press this Alarm button. Also, if the elevator is stuck in between two floors, then resort to pushing the emergency alarm button. On pushing the button a high pitched noise is created which alerts other peoplein the building.

4.Buffers in Elevator Pits

The buffer device is specifically designed to put a descending car to a halt. It also helps when the lift is over-burdened as the force with which the elevator runs into the pit during emergencies is softened by the buffers. There are three types of buffers – Spring Buffer, Rubber Buffer & Oil Buffer and it depends on what kind of lift is installed.

5.Emergency Telephone in Elevators:

Known all over the country as the best manufacturers of elevators and elevator spares, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety and security of the people we serve. Emergency telephones are installed for people to contact the service people when they are stuck in lifts. The call directly connects the person stuck in the lift to the engineer who can help the person get out of the situation.

6.Elevator Latch for Emergency Evacuation

The latch for the emergency evacuation is an important safety feature. The latch provides a kind of outlet in case the car is jammed. This latch is located in the ceiling of most of the cabins. People who are stuck and when doors cannot be opened, then the latch opens an outlet from where people can be pulled out safely.
There are also other ways to improve safety in elevators:

-Well lighted lifts reduces the fear of accidents and makes people feel safer.
-We have built a two-way voice communication system in order to make passengers feel safe.
-For better accessibility and prevention of accident, interior doors and automatic landing doors have been made available.
-A V CAM has perfected landing in order to avoid people from stumbling and getting injured.

These are the key features that A V CAM is extremely particular about. Our commitment and dedication has helped us reach a benchmark in the industry. At A V CAM, we understand how security has become essential. Too many lives are put at risk when elevators do not have proper security features. Therefore, we understand and make it mandatory to not go ahead unless all security features are incorporated.

We believe that the future will only be bright and inspired if we can show that the future is safe enough. At A V CAM, we manufacture things by keeping the safety of people in mind. Even at the heart of A V CAM operations, we have the safety of our employees and subcontractors along with the people whom we cater to. And therefore, we want to move on and continue to develop our products in order to achieve our goal of causing zero accidents. One can notice our active participation in the development of codes and standards to improve the safety of our elevators.Our very tag line indicates how much we stress in safety measures. The tag line is, “Assuring Safety, Inspiring Future”.

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