Elevators are considered to be the most important room in buildings that have more than 3 storeys. It is hard to imagine living in a building that has no elevator. Buildings where elevators are present are considered to be synonymous to comfort. Apart from having an elevator it is more important to look after its maintenance. Cleaning the lifts is also part of lift maintenance. Here is something that will help you get a clear idea of what we mean.

The elements of the lift that require cleaning:

  1. Door Rails: The most noticeable elements in the lift include doors, mirrors, floors and buttons. No one notices the door rails. But it is equally important to keep them clean. It is very easy for dirt to get collected at the door rails, which can affect the functioning of the lift. When dirt gets clogged at door rails, the door do not shut properly thus causing problems in the functioning of the lift. A brush serves to be more convenient to get all the dust particles like paper. Apart from that even vacuum cleaners serve the purpose by sucking stubborn particles and cleaning the rails.
  2. The Door and Walls: Most of the lifts have doors and walls made of stainless steel. The cleanliness of such material needs to be done with great care and detailed attention. To obtain perfect results, it is advisable to make use of microfiber cloth. Soaking the cloth in vinegar helps in cleaning the lift spotlessly. Apart from that, one can also make use of liquids that are available in stores and are used specifically to clean stainless-steel items.
  3. Pit: The pit is the area that is ignored by everyone. In India, many also use it as a place where people can dispose off their garbage. Although one never pays attention to that area, it does not mean that the pit should be completely ignored. One may not find any use of it, but one should neither continue dirtying it. The only way to avoid dirtying it and keeping it clean is by not using it as a dust chute. Apart from that, it is the duty of the company or the professionals who do the service of the lift to look after the cleanliness of the pit. The pit needs to be cleaned at least once a month.
  4. Buttons and Lights: It is okay to use a damp cloth for cleaning lights and buttons as long as they are not corrosive. It is advisable to use a degreaser to clean the buttons and not any substance that has caustic soda included in it. Also, people need to check whether the buttons and the emergency service works properly or not because if not, then one really needs to look out for what substance is being used to clean the lift.
  5. Mirrors and Floors: Floors are the first thing that gets dirty, no matter how many times one cleans it. And another area is the mirror. Dust easily sets on them, thus making them look filthy. For the floors, soapy water or mopping is fine to get them cleaned. Mirrors must be cleaned the way windows are cleaned, with basic glass cleaner.

How to go about it?

A cleaning methodology is extremely essential. The areas that were mentioned above must be kept clean at all times. In case cleaning does not happen on a regular basis, even then, the parts of the lift mentioned above need to be kept dust-free. Cleaning of lifts must be done at times when the traffic is almost zilch. Avoid hours that have more movement of people. The best time to clean the lift is early in the morning. If the cleaning requires more detailing, it is advisable to stop the functioning of the lift for some time. Although a little inconvenient, it is only for the greater good that regular cleaning must be done.

Cleaning issues created in elevators:

The cleaning and the maintenance of the lift depends on how frequently it is used and what purpose does it solve. Elevators have different uses in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. There are elevators that also serve for sanitary use.

Elevators in Residences:

These elevators are used almost every 5 minutes. While there is always someone or the other using the lift, it tends to get dirty easily. Plus, elevators in residential areas also have children using lifts which makes it more prone to dirt and dust. Residential elevators are also used transport garbage and therefore stains are produced because of those. An elevator’s biggest enemy is removals as they cause damage as well as soil it.

Commercial Use:

Cleaning in such areas need to be extremely exquisite as companies need to have a high turnover of people. These lifts do not get as dirty as the residential lifts, but nonetheless they need to be kept spotlessly clean.

Industrial Use:

Here, forklifts are used in order to carry heavy goods. These elevators need to be maintained and kept clean at all times because their usage is of a completely different kind. More attention is required to maintain this lift.

Sanitary Use:

Elevators in hospitals and health centers need to be clean as they cannot afford any bacteria or dirt to be present which can harm the patients. Also, dirty elevators arouse a sense of distrust in the patients that come there. Thus clean elevators in such places are a big must.

If the lift is maintained properly right from the start, there are less chances of anything going wrong with it. Hence, cleanliness of elevators in any area is an absolute must as it keeps a lot of issues at bay as well as saves money in the long run.