Amazed right? Until now, we have heard about table etiquettes, eating etiquettes, even dressing etiquettes, but not elevator etiquettes. Elevator etiquettes are a unique gesture in themselves and must be followed.

There are interesting etiquettes which are easy to follow. Etiquettes in general are followed to avoid mess or chaos in this case. They are fairly simple and common and almost 70% of the world follows these guidelines.

When waiting for the elevator to reach your floor, one must stand on the left side. This gives an easy passage for the passengers coming out of the elevator. Also, this avoids a crowd or chaos that may cause a stampede or injuries.

Another etiquettes one must follow is that if an elevator is full, one mustn’t try to make space and travel in an overloaded elevator. This may cause damage to the elevator and its spares. Instead, one must wait for the elevator to come back or take stairs if one is in a hurry.

This etiquette is one that everyone should follow. Talking loudly can cause disturbance to people around you. Some might have a hearing problem or some might simply get irritated. Hence, one must refrain from using mobile phones in an elevator or talking loudly.

There are a number of etiquettes that one must follow while using an elevator like not fidgeting with the elevator panel, holding the elevator for someone if you see them coming towards it, not trying to stop the elevator with a hand or leg, stepping aside for the ones at the back who wish to get out and others.

Following a basic decorum not only makes you disciplined but proves to be beneficial for the elevator and its longevity.

Did you know there was a thing like “Elevator Etiquettes”?