Home elevators have been trending in this phase of the 21st century. Originally, people were forced to use the stairs in multi-storeyed buildings.  Then with the help of technological advancements, elevators were built for corporate and residential use. And presently, we find that elevators have made their way into the homes of people. Yes! Adding [...]

Home Lifts – Comfort and Advantages Or Home Lifts: Uplifting Status

As times have changed, we have seen a transformation from what used to be people’s wishes earlier, has now have turned into their needs. Luxuries have changed to basic requirements and what previously used to be available for the rich and the niche audience is now being used by people from all walks of life. [...]

Luxury Elevators! A Definition of Class!

Elevators initially started as luxury items that only an elite class could afford or commercial spaces owned by elite people. As years passed, people realized the importance of having luxury items. No longer did were elevators viewed as a luxury item, but were rather thought of as a necessity. In today’s times, rarely one would [...]

Elevators for Safety Features

In this fast paced world, we have seen technology advance at an accelerating speed. But what people miss out on is taking measures that serve as precautions. Technology has helped gain power, but with great power we are also entrusted with responsibility. And in order to show that we are responsible, we must ensure safety [...]

Characteristics and Measurements of hospital lifts

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a Hospital is a place where people who are ill or injured are treated and taken care of by doctors and nurses. The word hospital comes from the Latin word “hospes”which means a guest or stranger. While the word patient comes from “patior” which means to suffer. Thus, a hospital [...]

Did you know there was a thing like “Elevator Etiquettes”?

Amazed right? Until now, we have heard about table etiquettes, eating etiquettes, even dressing etiquettes, but not elevator etiquettes. Elevator etiquettes are a unique gesture in themselves and must be followed. There are interesting etiquettes which are easy to follow. Etiquettes in general are followed to avoid mess or chaos in this case. They are [...]

Safety Measures While Elevator Installation

Installing an Elevator is no child’s play and requires utmost accuracy, detail and attention. With such competition in today’s time, elevator companies often miss out on the most important part of installation; safety. An elevator may take two-to-six weeks, depending on the type of elevator, to be installed. While, this may seem enough time to [...]

Ever wondered why do elevators have music?

Elevators have over the years advanced many folds. From a mere platform that would carry people up and down, they’ve now turned into a suave setting of technology. This transformation came in after the 18th century when the sales and demand for elevators increased. Talking about india, due to rapid urbanisation and the advent of [...]

Elevator Cleaning

Elevators are considered to be the most important room in buildings that have more than 3 storeys. It is hard to imagine living in a building that has no elevator. Buildings where elevators are present are considered to be synonymous to comfort. Apart from having an elevator it is more important to look after its [...]

A New Step Towards The Future Of Elevators

How many times do we actually think about elevators? How often do we ponder on the effects it has, the benefits it gives, and towards which direction is the world of elevators is heading? Although not much thought is given to lifts, the only time we happen to think about them is when we are [...]

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