What makes A V Cam Corporation Ltd different than its competitors? For us, safety is not only a focal point but a pre-requisite for  design and output. Our products are genuine and are of ace quality. 85% of our product range is manufactured in India and only certain parts/products are imported due to technicality or availability of technology. Above and apart from this, when we say complete elevator solutions, we mean it. From consultation to design to testing, we take full responsibility. And should we find anything less than perfect, we do it all over again. Perfection is everything at A V Cam Corporation. We aspire to deliver perfection solutions at a perfect time and at the perfect location.


We are one of the biggest players in the industry and our infrastructure is spread across a colossal 60000 sq feet area. The reason why we stand out is because we have a dedicated team of about 150 workers and 30 support staff.

In House Manufacturing unit

On the local level, we are the only company who manufactures the entire elevator in-house, making us one of the largest manufacturing units in India.  We manufacture almost all spare parts indigenously.

Apart from MNC, we are the only ones that strictly follow the seven tank (in-house facility) process in our powder coating material which increases the life of metal components and it also saves metal from rusting.Also, the powder which we use for coating is either of JOTUN or of MARPOL.

Experienced Team

Having a team of well-experienced supervisors, laborers and office support team helps us in increasing our overall efficiency and gives the best results to our clients. The lack of a good team can often lead to issues like lagging in proper attendance or following up to the client’s requirements.

Technical know how

After being in the field for 30 years, we have experienced all kinds of highs and lows that has helped us gain practical knowledge. We know for a fact that we are fully equipped to handle all kinds of problems that may arise in the process. Thus, we manufacture products that are purely flawless.

Hi-tech Machinery

We are one of the few competitors who are well-equipped with all the latest technology and machinery. We have our sheet metal machinery with Japanese technology and electrical work which has German machinery. All of this adds up to give perfection to our products.

Display Room

What we do differently is that we have set up a display room where all our clients can see most of our products physically. This helps the customer in checking the quality of the products and gives them as assurance.

Testing Facility

Having an in-house testing facility helps us in ensuring the best quality of our products. We have developed the facility wherein all our individual components and the entire elevator gets tested. Only after careful assessment, these products are dispatched to our clients.

Raw Materials

Some of the material which we import such as the MS and SS sheets are from brands like TATA, Jindal, Essar, etc. These are one of the best companies in India and thus we ensure that our clients get only the best.


Electrical Components

We realize the importance of good quality and thus we only use the Cable of LAPP Cable company or of RR Kabel company or equivalent.

The electrical components that we use are from the reputed brands like ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Delta, Yaskawa Electric and other similar stature brands and the connector we use for harnessing cable is from WAGO, Phoenix or equivalent.

Elevator Controller

Our product is CE Certified product with Serial Communication (canbus technology) with all international standard safety precautions, which makes our products better than the others.

Push Buttons and Display Cards

All of our products are CE Certified. We strictly follow the IS Standard in all of our products which ensures safety.

Fireman System For Elevators

We have Fireman system embedded in our elevators.

Overload System

We are one of the only few who provide this feature to our clients. As many companies lack the in-depth technical knowledge, they simply cannot provide this feature.

Guide Rails

Guide Rails are CE Certified.

Safety Blocks (Gear)

While other competitors may use instantaneous safety blocks, A V Cam Corporation Ltd uses only progressive safety blocks (gear) in all of its elevators. This helps in assuring the functioning of it, in the case of a sudden break-down of lift rope and the consequent fall of the lift.

Over Speed Governor

OSGs are used only to showcase the product and are not properly calibrated which can increase the risk of accidents. Our OSGs are calibrated and so we assure full and proper functioning of it. During an accident in the lift, it helps in operating the safety gear which stops the lift from falling down and in thus, it prevents accidents.

Geared Machine

Our machines are heavy duty machine with low wear traction sheave for a continuous and smooth working/ functioning. As these are expensive machinery, not every company can afford it but we believe in only the best and thus we look at it as an investment.

Gearless Machine

We only use machines that are fully equipped with all necessary requirements . It has a disc-break system for accuracy and safety and is eco-friendly which helps in lower electricity consumption. For pulse counting the encoder we use is of HEIDENHAIN.

While other competitors only offer 20 poles, our machines start from having 24 poles for the high force which ensures high durability and long lasting also along with our machine available long-range manual break device.

Auto Rescue Device (ARD)

It is one of the main and necessary parts of any lift.  We provide pure sine wave ARD system which is full proof so, whenever power cuts off, the lift will work automatically.

Automatic Door

We manufactures automatic doors and all the necessary spares in-house. We also manufacture the door operating controller which is CE certified and our automatic door is equipped with the smart door system.


We are one of the few who have immense technical knowledge of  Touch Cop-Lop with RFID or the Biometric system technique. Thus, we can provide this facility to our clients, according to their preferences. We already have biometric and RFID card facility available in our elevators, which makes us a big success in our field.

GSM Messenger Technology

This is a very useful tool as its main function is if any lift has a fault then it sends an instant SMS alert for faults alarm & emergency signal on registered mobile  numbers. We are fully equipped with the technical know-how of it and thus can provide this technique for our clients.

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