A V Cam Corporation Limited is a company that deals in complete elevator solutions across India. It has grown into an industry leader in a span of 3 decades and set a benchmark of safety, quality and elegance. Set in the heritage city of Ahmedabad, A V Cam has captured a market of rare and premium quality products. Under the leadership of Mr Vishnu Patel & Mr Ashish Patel, A V Cam strives to bring a revolution in the elevator industry of India through innovation, new-age technology and modernisation. With A V Cam, one can find pre-to-post sales solutions and integration facilities

With the world advancing at a lighting speed, infrastructure has also advanced many folds. Talking particularly of India, earlier, buildings were low-rise and elevators were rarely used. Today, infrastructure is a means to impress and is highly technological. With an increase in the number of floors, elevator usage has also mushroomed.

At A V Cam, the products and services go through rigorous procedures starting from design, manufacturing, testing and maintenance processes. We endorse Safety and encourage our personnel, subcontractors, as well as clienteles and people who use our equipment to do same. A V Cam Corporation Ltd, is just the right choice for all your requirements. We present to you a plethora of products to choose from. A V Cam produces almost 80% of its product range in order to align with “Make in India” movement. Our solutions range from complete elevator as well as elevator spare solutions. A V Cam has a dedicated team of professionals, workers and Individuals who work rigorously, day and night, to carve a niche in the Industry. We are involved not only in design, manufacturing, testing and assembling of the elevators but also in after-sales-services.

A leading company of the elevator industry of India, A V Cam is a world of opportunities. We have been in the industry long enough to give chance to new and fresh talent to make a mark in this Industry. A V Cam not only promotes innovation but encourages it as well. Safety is our motto and we aim to provide it to our employees in forms of remuneration, perks, benefits and incentives and other monetary as well as non-monetary benefits. A company that has grown into a Multi-national firm in merely three decades, A V Cam gives a chance to each and every person to grow in the company and reach top level management.

We aspire to set benchmarks every day only to challenge them and set new ones. At A V Cam leaders and managers emerge. A V Cam Corporation Ltd has a diverse team of dedicated employees and we do not discriminate any person based on gender, caste, colour or race. Just as our nation, we are secular in every aspect and value each religion and caste. For A V Cam Corporation, dedication is a religion, innovation, a race and equality, a colour. A journey started by Mr Vishnu Patel years ago, has now become a success story for many. His sheer perseverance and hard-work has taken A V Cam Corporation Ltd on the top, amongst leading industries of India. Co-managed by Mr Ashish Patel, A V Cam aspires to reach beyond clouds and give the Elevator Industry in India innovative, luxurious yet cost effective solutions.

A V Cam Corporation Ltd, is a company that believes in precision, quality, workmanship, safety and advanced technology elevators. The ideology behind their movement is simple, to be able to provide excellent products to their clients and set a benchmark of trust, confidence and accuracy. A V Cam, plans to grow to its full potential. The company plans to aggressively implement new marketing strategies and sell excellent quality products in the market to ensure safety. A V Cam Corporation Ltd is soon to venture into exports.

Elevators and Elevator Industry in India has advanced many folds. From a simple car carrying people up and down to high-tech shafts, individuals prefer that which appeals them the most. A V Cam Corporation Ltd pledged to provide safe, sound and sustainable elevator solutions and thus, with an effort to be safe, we have also evolved with time. We customise elevators according to the need of our clients. Glass door elevators, Marble floor elevators, touch screen panels in elevators, interactive elevators, and many others are manufactured, assembled and installed by A V Cam Corporation Ltd. Staying close to our heritage and having headquarter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, we try to revert to most of inquires raised in the most efficient manner. We are constantly in touch with a conglomerate of builders, architects, traders and Industry pioneers so as to serve our clients in the best possible way and provide innovative solutions each day.

To serve excellence to all our clients every time while inspiring confidence through quality and convenience

  • To become a benchmark in the industry by offering the best products that exceeds the expectations
  • To deliver the products in the right condition at the right time with the right service every time
  • To foster positive work environment by encouraging employees to contribute positively
  • To strive towards healthy surroundings and environment in general for the society at large

“Assuring Safety, Inspiring Future”

Our primary concern is the safety of our products. We make sure that the products that reach the clients are in the best condition. With this, we desire to achieve finest quality in elevator parts.


We have large scale units in Ahmedabad. The state-of-the-art manufacturing units are spread over 60,000 square yards. We have made sure that all the equipment and machinery are contemporary and advanced. More than 150 experienced workers and 30 support work in our establishment. Our units have Hi-tech machinery and equipment that are put to work for an ideal outcomes.

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