How many times do we actually think about elevators? How often do we ponder on the effects it has, the benefits it gives, and towards which direction is the world of elevators is heading? Although not much thought is given to lifts, the only time we happen to think about them is when we are actually in one, or when you have to climb a long flight of stairs. Other feelings are that of congestion, claustrophobia, awkwardness etc. Did you know that there are seven billion elevator journeys taking place on a daily basis in all the tall buildings across the globe? Now that’s a lot to take into consideration. We all talk about going green and buying electrical cars. If the figures are to be trusted, then by 2050 there will be a 70% hike in the number of journeys made by the elevators. Keeping the rising population in mind, as well as the rising water levels in the water bodies, builders are forced to build taller buildings as that’s the best way to accommodate a lot of people.

Now think of the amount of power consumption that will go into making these lifts work. When times are changing, we too need to step up and start thinking in a direction which will save the earth. For a long time we have misused the resources the earth so graciously provided us. Newer elevators have emerged that have started going green. Every little contribution at every step is what will save this earth from getting choked on pollution.

There are still many lifts that rely on traditional technology which makes use of heavy clunky cabins and unsafe lubricants which is not only heavy on the pockets but also on the environment. An average lift in huge buildings must be weighing around 3500kgs-4000kgs. Now this is the weight of a lift that is traditionally made. Imagine the amount of power it would require to lift such an elevator. Not to forget that people’s weight has not been added yet. Add that, and the power consumption gets higher than before. It is highly uneconomical. This is one of the main reasons why we need to look at greener lifts. It not only lifts up the weight of power consumption but also lifts up the pressure we put on the environment. Usually elevators account between 2-10 percent of the building’s energy use.

We understand that replacing an entire elevator system can result in a huge capital expenditure. But a more economical way to go around it is to adopt little nuances that can help you do your bit for the conservation of nature. There are a wide range of cost-saving innovations available for traditional elevator systems. The reason behind the evolution of green elevators was to reduce power consumption as much as possible. When it comes to looking at more economical and environment friendly options, it is always advisable to invest in green elevators.

So how does the lift help save power, you may ask?

To start with baby steps, many lifts have started making use of LED lights that consume less power and also lasts up to 20 times longer than the usual ones that are installed. Apart from that, the paint that is used is water soluble and the construction material used to make the lift is recycled.

Another kind elevator is the one that sleeps when not being used. How so? The sleeping elevator automatically turns off the lights, fan and also de-activates its drive (but only temporarily) until someone calls for the lift.

Regenerative drives: There are also those kinds of elevators that don’t stop at consuming less energy but they also give something back. Regenerative drive systems also recovers energy from what is let out heat and they give it to the building’s electrical system by producing power for air conditioning and lighting. Apart from that, it also saves money required for machine-room cooling.

We have used up the earth’s resources in the most callous ways possible. We do not realize that even the little steps in our day to day lives; can go a long way in saving the nature. With the increase in the number of population, power consumption is soon going to become a huge issue. In many cities, people experience power-cuts almost every day. At such times, we really need to think of alternative solutions that can help us in the long run. Apart from that by making use of recycled construction material, we are producing less garbage and putting it for better use.