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Increasing the lifespan of the elevator of your building

Our standard for advanced maintenance services are set high ensuring the equipment has the longest lifespan and operates at its bestest performance. The maintenance packages are customized basis your requirements. Known to lead with quality maintenance services for elevators, escalators and automatic A V CAM or non-A V CAM equipment, our maintenance packages are good quality, reliable and smart running packages maintained upto the highest standards.

We are ready for a lifelong dedication to your equipment. Our Care for Life assessment and modernization solutions look ahead to guarantee it will remain in optimal condition for a long time to come.

Providing round the clock support

We have the required tools and know-how to serve you. The professional service technicians, industry-leading maintenance methods, and world-class care center support, provide the best service available on all brands of elevators, escalators and automatic doors.

We customize our services to our needs and employ best method for growing the safety, lengthening the lifespan and maintaining the value of your equipment.

Dedicated and Competent staff

Our service technicians come with 20 years of maintenance experience. They are trained and dedicated to their jobs. And are the frontline in our commitment to keeping your elevators working smoothly and safely. Our team attends to service calls immediately and do what it takes to keep your equipment running and trouble-free.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of both A V CAM and non-A V CAM equipment and hence they are the best to contact as they know the best procedures for resolving customer concerns.

Our service technicians receive regular training to upgrade themselves with the coming challenges.

Service Technicians

  • First rate technical skills of dedicated professionals
  • Enabling safe, comfortable, and uninterrupted service
  • Local expertise and continuous training
  • Full use of A V CAM’s technical knowledge base
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Ability to maintain all makes and models of equipment
  • Fast, accurate equipment diagnosis and quick access to spare parts

On toes support staff

Our customer care is open 24/7 and attends to calls all round the clock. We have so far satisfied all our customers in terms of our service in past years and with our experience have set standards for call handling and technician dispatching.

All the staff is trained to deliver top-quality responses. All of our staff is fully committed to providing top-quality, responsive service. We are constantly monitoring service quality and response times and working to improve them.

Customer remedial centre

  • Always present to answer service requests
  • An accurate end to end follow through service requests
  • Service requests delivered on mobile to technicians
  • Technicians respond immediately, with full knowledge of the problem

The best service package is available for all our maintenance packages for both AVCAM and non-AVCAM elevators, escalators and automatic building doors. The package includes a wide range of individual modules to select from to provide you the right amount of care you need depending on what you need the most, whether the concern is compliance, operational transparency or top performance. We create a unique maintenance plan tailored to the site and to each piece of equipment for each of our customer.

Repair services and upgrades

We deliver first-class restoration services and upgrades for all brands of elevators, escalators and automatic doors. With these rapid and easy to install solutions we can maximize safety, reliability, ride comfort and eco-efficiency of your equipment. And when the need for big scale enhancements are needed, we offer a broad range of modern solutions from particular components to full replacement.

Top reasons to upgrade

Do you have an equipment that’s up-to-date? If you want to improve the current standard of your equipment’s safety, comfort of use, eco-efficiency and reliability? A V CAM provides various options for upgrading these features in all brands of elevators, escalators and automatic doors.

  • Fulfill current safety standards
  • Improved eco-efficiency
  • Take advantage of developments in technology
  • Improve equipment lifecycle
  • Increase equipment dependability
  • Improvements save you time and money
  • Provide better service to the people who use your equipment

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