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Our delivering schedule

Our delivering schedule

The working process

AV CAM stands for more than two decades of expertise in elevator solutions. Expert advice that gives peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you are fully supported in the process – from planning and design through installation and maintenance to modernization – for the entire life cycle of your building.

Expert design and professional planning services

  • Expert planning advice and traffic analysis services
  • A design tool to create CAD drawings, BIM models, and custom car interiors

Seamless and secure installation process

  • Methods that are fast and cost-effective and minimize disruption and yield real cost savings
  • The proven methods to ensure maximum site safety include site audits, safety passports, continuous training and proven methods to ensure maximum site safety
  • Include eco-efficient installation processes that decrease the use of solvents and maximize waste recycling

Quick Handover and easy maintenance

  • AV CAM is providing ride quality testing of each elevator before handover
  • The average availability rate of the elevator is 99%
  • All the parts are available in the spares center with quickest possible delivery

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