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Security and Ease of Use

Security and Ease of Use

Keeping the safety of people, products and services at the center.
At the heart of AV CAM operations is the safety of employees, subcontractors, and the people who use the products and services. And that’s why we want continuous development of our products, people and processes in order to achieve the zero accidents goal.
We actively partake in the development of codes and standards to improve the safety of elevators across the industry.
We also work to improve the accessibility for people with impaired mobility. We build solutions that assist people in their daily lives whether they are travelers, with families or children or in wheelchairs.

Safety of product and service

Making our products and services safe, secure and easily accessible

Besides being actively involved in the development of codes and standards for safety improvements of elevators, AV Cam also promotes safety through its participation in various industry trade associations and offer additional safety devices that exceed the minimum requirements.
At A V CAM, the products and services go through rigorous procedures starting from design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes. Safe practices are endorsed for our personnel and subcontractors, as well as for clienteles and people who use our equipment.
The maintenance services of A V CAM not just conforms to the local regulations but is designed to exploit the safety of equipment. The methodology adopted here is preventive letting us address the issues before they become problems.
Throughout the lifetime of the building, modernization keeps elevators running smoothly ensuring the equipment runs with minimum disruption, reliably and safely. Minor upgrades can bring the latest safety standards up to date.

Elevator Safety Features

A large range of features designed to maximize safety for users while making it simpler for building supervisor to check the condition of the equipment at the same time. The elevator safety features include:

  • Daily automatic brake testing
  • Easy to inspect proven rope technology
  • Light to aid safe entry and exit
  • Precise landing that reduces the risk of tripping
  • A button to control elevator doors when it is stopped
  • 24/7 contact with AV CAM Customer Care in case of emergency and a two-way instant communication system

Top ways to improve Safety

  • Ample light thwarts accidents and makes people feel safer
  • For improved passengers safety and peace of mind, a two-way voice communication system is in built
  • For better accessibility and accident prevention, interior doors and automatic landing doors should be made available
  • To avoid people stumbling on the door sill, perfect landing is essential
  • For improved safety, there is a an emergency system complete with an alarm with a two-way phone and an emergency power supply

Elevator Usage Safety Instructions

Little precautions can go a long way

We are intensely dedicated to protection and work closely with the people who rely on our products for safe and smooth transport as they go about their day. We organize events that give people an opportunity to understand how to operate elevator and use them safely.

To improve elevator and escalator safety is a double effort. It is up to the technology providers to manufacture equipment that meets applicable codes and standards. It is the responsibility of the building owners and maintenance service providers to see to it that the equipment is serviced periodically and is in working condition.

It is expected of elevator and escalator users to also use their own discretion. Young ones should be under supervisions of their parents when using both elevators items like baby strollers, heavy luggage and shopping carts. Not these shouldn’t be transported in the elevator.

When using the elevator

A safe and comfortable elevator ride for everyone is ensured if these simple guidelines are followed.

  • Do not try and get into a full car. Wait for the next ride. It is not advisable to overload and exceed elevator capacity.
  • On entering the elevator, face forward, walk back to the car and keep distance from the doors. When you enter the elevator, walk to the back of the car, face forward and keep away from the doors.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult. If carrying a pet, then it should be kept close on the leash for the duration of the ride.
  • When entering or exiting the elevator, watch your step as it may not be level with the ground.
  • If you see something unusual in the elevator like a broken mirror or hear a noise then contact the facility management or the maintenance company.
  • To let another person enter, make use of the door opening button.

What not to do in and around the elevator

Being attentive and acting rationally can avert elevator mishaps. In case of emergency, do not use the elevator but use stairs instead. Do not use the elevator as play area or to transport large items. If you get trapped inside the elevator, do not try to get out or open the elevator doors on your own.

  • In case of emergencies or fires, do not use elevators.
  • Do not play in or around an elevator.
  • Do not place objects or body parts in an attempt to keep the elevator open. Use the button to open the elevator instead.
  • If trapped inside, do not attempt to get out on your own. Press the alarm button and wait for the service center to help.
  • When moving heavy or large items, do not exceed the overload the elevator. Either takes the stairs or the freight elevator.

Making the work place safe

Safety measure and aid for employees

Each of our employees is focused on having the necessary skill to perform his/her work in a professional and safe environment. At A V CAM, all employees receive training to a general level in health and safety as well as training relevant to their respective work roles and tasks.

Managers are in charge to ensure that all necessary arrangements are in place to protect the safety of their teams. Pre-defined rules and methods are in place to ensure the safety of employees and subcontractors and anyone else that may be affected by their activities.

The senior management teams participate periodically in workplace safety audits and instant remedial actions are taken if abnormalities are recognized. If impediments to safe working are recognized, the work in question comes to a standstill until a safe way to continue has been approved.

A procedure to support continuous improvement in A V CAM’s safety performance that reports and investigates accidents. The core reasons are identified and remedial actions are taken to make sure the accident or near miss does not happen again. As a result, we have steadily improving safety performance.

Every quarter, A V CAM organizes global safety network meetings where it shares lessons learnt from accidents and near-miss incidents. These meetings also are the appropriate place to voice concerns and share practices.

User friendliness

Ease of use for everyone

We design solutions that are made keeping in mind the tightening safety regulations as well as improve accessibility within buildings for everyone. In Europe alone, disability related special needs are the demand of more than 100 million people.

We with our suggestions help users in their daily lives and enhance accessibility for those with impaired disability.
The tiniest of the change can create a great impact on the ease of use of users.

  • Bigger elevators help people with adults with baby strollers or wheelchairs
  • Perfectly levelled entry and exit level of the elevator along with the automatic doors that stay open longer make coming in and getting out of the elevator safer
  • For more comfort for elderly adults and disabled passengers elevators are equipped with seats
  • Mirrors provide better visibility for wheelchair users, allowing them to back out safely if the elevator car is too small to turn around in

Preventative maintenance that keeps equipment in good condition and modernization that ensures equipment meets the latest safety and accessibility standards are important elements of increasing accessibility.

Top ways to make the elevator more user-friendly

  • Improvements in space efficiency make a difference. By for example modernizing an elevator, the space inside the car can be increased by 50%
  • Wide-opening doors make entry and exit easier for passengers using a wheelchair or pushing a stroller
  • For support and enhanced visibility, accessories such as handrails and mirrors are provide
  • To help people with hearing and vision impairments, Braille signalization and audio announcements will help
  • An elevator can be installed in a building previously without one, in the stairwell or attached to an outside wall

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